Self-upgrading is Everyone`s Necessity

We constantly take actions of self-upgrading for our carriers, becoming more qualified in our profession, and mostly we make this a priority. As such, we forgo the personal self-upgrading without being aware how the first one is not sustainable without the other.

Few weeks ago I was talking with a good friend of mine, an ambitious professional woman, regarding a project I was having for my upcoming workshop related to self-upgrading. After I was talking for a while quite passionately about what I wanted to provide in the workshop to help professional women to become a better version and source of power, I got the most unexpected feedback from her ..."I do not need a self-upgrading" - she said. I did not argue with her at that very moment, but I could not leave in suspense the question "When do we need a self-upgrading? Apparently we all & always need a self-upgrading, and here is why...

Personal self-upgrading

“Do you ever think you are good enough and you cannot get any better? Every company applies constant upgrades even over their best products; very small incremental upgrades yet with big impact in their turnover. Think of yourself as a product, always having the need for upgrading."

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Create Relevant Content

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Personal vs. professional self-upgrading

“Work constantly requires us for upgrades to perform tasks more efficiently and adapt better with the work environment. The most common mistake is about forgetting that we should upgrade as humans before we upgrade as human assets”


Future Projections - are your professional future projections well aligned with your personal future projections? ...if not, a conflict of interest is very probable to occur...

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