Achieve Your Individual Wholeness

Achieve your individual wholeness to meet hard everyday tasks, cope with a complex workplace, and deal with difficult stakeholders.


You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That’s what makes you a winner.“

— Venus Williams


We are socialized to please other people such as our family, friends, work colleagues and boss. We want to preserve and even to enhance the reputation we have built in the eyes of others. Society conditions our consciousness. And so we remain unconscious to our true self for at least the first half of life.


Individual wholeness comes through self-fulfilment. The whole person feels a sense of fullness at every stage of his/her life, even if he/she regresses at a lower stage through conscious choice.  Life is not a steady improvement in the right direction. At some point in life, we all go through pain, struggle and broken relationships. 


However, if we obtain individual wholeness, we gain freedom because we are not so dependent upon our circumstances. A whole person is able to find comfort within the discomfort of life. 


This training shows you the way of becoming a whole individual. You will learn how to move towards improving your limitations and shortcomings and utilizing areas of personal excellence.  This is not a striving for perfection. Achieving your individual wholeness rests in acknowledging who and where they are in life, while seeking personal growth for the benefit of self and others. 

Achieve Your Individual Wholeness

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