Conduct Your Intentional Thinking

Conduct your intentional thinking to achieve every goal and progress rapidly at work.


It is intent which establishes one's consequential outcomes.

— T.F. Hodge


All we can control in this life is our thoughts, which lead to perception and action. If your thoughts are running amok, it will throw your life and work into chaos. The results you want comes from the way you think - you need to learn how to think intentionally.


Intentional thinking is your vehicle to get from Point A to Point B when you are running a work project or discussing a matter in a meeting. It gives you the mastery to reshape unhealthy thought patterns and think clearly so you can be efficient at work.


This training is about practicing the art of intentional thinking. Your actions, behaviors, and perspective of the world stem from your thoughts. Unfortunately, this may be harming you rather than helping you. This training takes a deep look into how we tend to think, how we should subtly re-frame our thoughts to feel confident, powerful, happy, and in charge of our own life. It provides you with a guide on transformation by learning how to gain perseverance and willpower quickly, how to think in terms of taking action and motion, how to think big yet with realistic steps, and embrace gratitude, humility, and thoughtfulness.

Conduct Your Intentional Thinking

  • HLT30