Discover Your Self-Identity Layers

Discover your self-identity layers to find the drive for personal development and be ambitious at your work.


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

— Aristotle


Gain a clearer picture and better understanding of your self-identity. People who have a strong sense of self identity often feel more confident and secure inside. 


Usually, our self identity is defined by the social groups or family we belong to, our profession and how our profession and how our society labels us. When you ask someone to tell you about themselves, most people will describe their job role, gender, age, nationality, country of origin, ethnic / religious background, relationship status or family, social/political position, a team/ group / club membership or other such categorisations. 


Will certainly help you in defining your external identity but it does not constitute all that you are. In order to have the kind of inner happiness and self worth/esteem that is unshakable, it is necessary to understand and appreciate what makes up all of your multifaceted nature and not just the factors attributed to you by others.


Really, truly knowing what makes you uniquely you is one of the key elements in being happy inside yourself and finding the drive for personal development and being more authentic. Knowing who you really are and being more authentic is about understanding all of the aspects that make up you as an individual and then learning to accept every feature that supports you being in full potential and work on those inefficient features to untap your full potential - personality, moods, thoughts, idea, way of talking, expression, personal choices, etc.


This training guides you to identify all that composes you as a whole, and to step closer to being more self-aware and see where improvement might be needed. Several methods will be provided to  help you to distinguish and define all the parts that make up all that you are, inside and out, and gain a greater awareness of your whole self. In this training you will become fully aware of who you are and have a clear understanding of why you do what you do. This gives you a stronger identity which is based on your history, persona and self acceptance, and not on what others might think or say about you. It means being able to talk about your knowledge, experience, values, beliefs and abilities, as easily as you would talk about your limitations or negative qualities. It is being able to state your own worth in an honest and sincere way.

Discover Your Self-Identity Layers

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