Read Your Map of Emotions

Read your map of emotions to be a better designer of your experience at work.


Your emotions affect every cell in your body .Mind and body, mental and physical, are intertwined

— Thomas Tutko


Human life is flavored constantly with feelings, and those feelings affects us in the way we perceive and

connect with ourselves and others, and drive our reactions, actions and decision-making. Feelings are

important elements of our being and yet one of the most difficult to predict and manage.


To start the journey of Wellness, we first need to understand what is experience - I am not talking about the work experience that brings you to a better career position, but about those experiences that bring you to a certain status of emotional well-being.


But why does it matter for us? Because emotions don’t just make you feel good or bad, they also shape your well-being; good emotional experiences boost our health. Your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act. This is one type of “mind/body connection.” So, our body can get damaged not only from physical experiences but also from emotional experiences


A vast number of studies and research has been devoted to uncovering how we can optimize our feelings, or, “emotion experiences,” and this is at the very focus in this training. Through analysis and measurement methods you will be able to determine if you are held in a healthy or unhealthy emotional experience. In this training you will practice how to increase awareness towards your emotions and what triggers them, in order to empower yourself in improving your emotional experiences at work.

Read Your Map of Emotions

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