Set Up Your Thriving Routines

Set up your thriving routines to do more with less efforts on your way of building a successful life.


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” 

— Jim Ryun 


Nowadays, we all feel the pressure to do, have and be everything that our modern work culture deems ‘normal’. For many, the standard ‘nine to five’ hours have been taken over by longer work hours. On top of that, we must find time to exercise, study, attend to family and have a social life. In most households, both parents are usually working, juggling the care of children/elderly parents as well as all the shopping, cooking and household chores. It’s no wonder that we fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day.


However, if you can step back for a moment and choose, what would a better alternative work day be like? Ask yourself, ‘does this hectic routine have to be my norm?’ What if there was another way to work and live that’s easier, healthier and happier? Every decision you make expends mental energy and therefore reduces willpower. Herein lies the power of planning and having a set of thriving routines. 


Research has shown that when we change our way of thinking or behaviour, and practice them regularly, we actually rewire the connections in our brains. This means your brain physically changes as it sets up the new habit so that after the first few steps it becomes easier to perpetuate that new process of thinking, doing or being.


This training guides you to establish a routine to catapult productivity, increase creativity, and create great work with consistency.

Set Up Your Thriving Routines

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