Track Your Authentic Happiness

Track your authentic happiness to build a foundation for taking the next step towards a more fulfilling work-life and long-term happiness.


Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Sydney J. Harris —


When someone asks, “How are you, how is it going?”, meaning, ‘are you happy with life, work and health’, how do you usually respond? Most probably, you reply “I am fine, thanks” but inwardly, you wonder if you are actually fine.


Usually, if it does not concern physical health, you rarely admit anything bad is going on, especially to work colleagues. Thus, the pretence of happiness is perpetuated by the words you use, as well as your thoughts. Maybe you don’t pay much attention to being happy in your day-to-day work.


Generally, most people are never shown how and/or even consider the possibility that their work could bring them long-term happiness. They usually do not consider that happiness is something that can be ‘created’ and only relate it to having fun, going on holiday or doing leisure activities. However, being deeply happy or satisfied in life is a feeling we can all learn to develop. It comes hand-in-hand with being on track with your true-life path and doing the work you really want to do.


This workshop helps you to become aligned with your professional life path, present your best self at work and gain authentic happiness.

Track Your Authentic Happiness

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