Tune-up Your Positive Thinking

Tune-up Your Positive Thinking to build your energy and inspire others towards success.

If you call a thing bad you do little, if you call a thing good you do much.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


To understand positive thinking, you begin with an overview of its benefits and how it works. At work or play, with friends or family, positive people are happier and more successful than those with a negative approach. Put simply, positivity works.


Positive thinking is about more than the thoughts that you have. It is an entire approach to life. It means focusing on the positives in any situation rather than negatives. It means thinking well of yourself rather than constantly putting yourself down. It means thinking well of others, dealing with them in a positive way. It means expecting the best from the world, trusting it will provide.


To start thinking positively, it is important to realize that the way you experience something is determined by what you think about it. It may appear that events are intrinsically happy or sad, but in fact, is your response that makes them feel good or bad, pleasurable or painful. If you face the world with pessimism, cynicism, and self-criticism, you will experience life negatively; if you respond with optimism, excitement, and confidence, you will create a cycle of positivity that builds your energy and inspires others.

In this training, you will learn how to manage negative thoughts, cultivate positive attitudes, create and keep a positive mindset. You will understand the importance of a healthy balance between negative and positive emotional experiences by knowing how to handle negative self-talk and avoid toxic positivity. At first, you will practice observation of your thinking-feeling circuit and then you will analyze to discover the deep roots of your negative thinking. Next, you will learn how to transmute those negative thoughts into positive thoughts and you will learn the practices you need to follow to build a sustainable inner mechanism for it.

Tune-up Your Positive Thinking

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