Upgrade Your Sleep Quality

Upgrade your sleep quality as a time management strategy to increase the amount and the quality of time in your life.


“Sleep is a question of ease. If you are totally at ease, your sleep quality will go up and your sleep quota will go down.” 

Sadhguru —


The old saying, “Organized desk, organized mind” has some truth to it; but the reverse, “Organized mind, organized desk” is more accurate. It’s difficult to organize anything without a well-rested, healthy, creative and focused mind that is able to plan, think clearly, make good decisions and visualize end results.


In this training are discussed the importance of sleep and its impact on personal productivity, organizing skills, and health and well-being. Suggestions are offered on how you can develop good sleep habits, work with your biological clock, take advantage of peak energy levels, and gain extra time through a holistic approach to time management.

Upgrade Your Sleep Quality

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