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Our RETREATS are a transformational experience in GJIROKASTRA, an ancient town perched high above the Drina Valley in southern Albania. The old town and the domineering 4th-century Gjirokaster castle and fortress grant Gjirokaster UNESCO World Heritage Site status because it’s a rare and wonderful example of a very well-preserved Ottoman town. And it’s one of the prettiest towns in Albania. This gorgeous, carefully preserved, the peculiar-looking city is built on steep slopes where stone-roofed houses seem to be built on top of one another. The “city of stone” offers a number of authentically rich culinary delights and memorable panoramas of the surrounding mountainous. The Castle of Gjirokastra, one of the oldest in the Balkans! 

While putting yourself under the care of our expert facilitators, we have included more in our retreats, such as engrossing cultural exploration, visiting ancient castles, hiking in astonishing nature sites, and authentic local cuisine. You will enjoy the luxury accommodation in a picturesque villa throughout the process of cultivating good habits and mindsets, mindfulness, and self-power. Facilitators ARMELA TOTAJ and MIGENA GJERAZI have tailored exclusive programs to guide you to overcome the obstacles to unfold your full potential by increasing self-power. -They will use methods and tools from their expertise in Experience Design, Leadership, Self-management, Life-coaching, Yoga & Ayurveda to teach you about engineering your inner dimension in order to craft the best version of yourself for living a fulfilled life.  

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We use a holistic approach to overall health and well-being; our retreats consider the entire person. We believe in holistic life as a wise life; improving the quality of life by looking at the big picture. We teach you living life as wholly and being aware of the impact of your action, and taking control over your life experiences.

We guide you to aspire a holistic lifestyle where you treat yourself the best ... a well-balanced, prosperous, and happy life will be the inevitable outcome. 



Our mission is to equip you with practical tools for having a holistic lifestyle; to guide you how to design the best version of yourself and the most satisfactory life. We help you to discover the pitfalls of a busy working life which eventually will inhibit the access to unleash your potential. You will learn how to activate your inner power, needed to make a meaningful shift in the way you live. What you will experience during the retreats is the milestone of this new journey for you, to be able to unfold further on your own. 

unique expertise

Our team has the expertise necessary to address your unique needs and  provide guidance in a retreat journey which is unique to you. Their extensive expertise brings methods and tools from several disciplines which enables holistic examination and sustainable solutions. Their expertise is grounded in Master`s Degree and Professional Certification in relevant disciplines, such as Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Experience Design, Communication, Life-coaching, Co-leading & Co-creation,  Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness. 

meet your


In our retreats you will meet people with similar struggles, and you will realize that you`re not alone and it`s okay. Our retreats are an opportunity for you to be vulnerable and to reconnect with yourself and others by sharing your own experience and learning about others experiences. You will create deep connections with both guests & teachers, and learn from each other. Struggle changes our perspective, but we can get positive one by mirroring each other. At the end, you might build a beautiful friendship to take with you. 





According to the Institute of Statistics of Albania, the number of foreign nationals who entered Albania in 2019 hit a record high of 6.4 million. This small country has a lot to offer, such as the rich archaeological and cultural heritage dating back to the classical period of Illyrians and Ancient Greeks, the astonishing riviera where Adriatic sea & Ionian sea embrace each other, and the high mountains  beautifully garnished with waterfalls and canions. 

We thought to create another kind of experience for foreigners : exploring the country while exploring themselves. We are bringing the first holistic retreat in Albania to invite people from all over the world  to escape for a while from their usual routine and surrounding, and help them to go back in a better version of themselves. The unique culture of Albania provides the perfect shelter to detach from the usual and build new perspective for the inner and outer world of  every foreigner.  




Albania, just south of Montenegro and north of Greece, is often considered the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. Albania is a more cost-effective option and suits every style of traveler. After being under the influence of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires and a communist state until the early 1990s, Albania has an interesting culture that has been preserved and is present today. Although it is a small country of roughly three million people, there are many beautiful and unique sites to explore including 13th century ruins, national parks, and the beaches of the Riviera. The people are known for being extremely friendly and welcoming and the towns are renowned for their rustic beauty. A Mediterranean vacation that doesn’t break the bank and has all the charm? Sounds surreal.





You need to provide your travelling to Albania at your own expenses. The most common way to arrive in Albania is by booking a flight to Rinas Airport  which is located in the outskirts of Tirana, the capital of Albania. We will take care of your travelling between Rinas airport (Tirana) and your final destination in Gjirokastra, both ways in your arrival and departure and at our expenses.

You need to provide your travelling insurance at your own expenses. The city of Gjirokastra offers good quality emergency services and hospitals, and many private pharmacies.

You do not need to have a travel visa to enter in Albania and no fee is required. 

The local currency is ALL - Albanian LEK . You can easily exchange any currency into ALL in the Airport-based currency exchange, or in the Banks located inside the city of Gjirokastra. 



Our retreat accommodation is situated in the charming ancient town of Gjirokaster, in a villa with very well preserved authentic architecture. Located up to the hill, our villa has beautiful terraces with views on the high mountains. It invites comfort luxury in a natural setting, for you to enjoy the tranquility of nature all the time. Each room will have its own private veranda and en suite bathroom. There will be double occupancy rooms with two separated beds, and each room has en suite bathroom facilities and WIFI. The welcome dinner in your arrival day and breakfasts during your stay will be served each morning at our villa. Accommodation, welcome dinner, and breakfasts are included in the retreat package.

During all lunches  and dinners you will have the opportunity to explore culinary experiences in local restaurants. We will assist you by arranging group bookings in the best local restaurants. Lunches and dinners will be at your own expenses


& Tours

Our retreats begin with a special welcome to our guests. As soon as you arrive, you will be guided through a ground-after-a-flight yoga and meditation practice, followed by a welcome dinner at the villa. A typical retreat day will start with a rise-and-shine yoga practice to give you the needed boost for the day, and end with a let-go-and-relax yoga practice to help you unwind and have a quality sleep. Workshops and tours are taking place will keep you active after the morning yoga until dinner time, with a lunch break in between. We have combined workshops and tours in a way to keep the sparkle and  not fall into a routine during your stay. You will visit castles & fortress, weapon museum & cold war tunnel, old hoses & bazaar, astonishing nature sites, and local restaurants with traditional delicacies. Tours are well arranged with a comfortable transportation and  the facilitators will be your companions all the time. We are covering all the workshops & tours expenses, with exception to lunch and dinner bills that you need to pay on your own. 


You need to book your place as soon as possible because our retreats aim to provide high quality and customized care to the participants by assisting small groups. You can cancel the booking anytime but the booking fee will not be reimbursed to you. We accept payments only by bank transfer and with shared  charges (SHA) for the transfer commissions. We can issue a B2B invoice if you prefer.

You should notify us about any health condition and food allergies as soon as you make the booking so we can assure a safe retreat experience for you.

It is your own tasks to arrange your flights to & from Albania, and your travelling insurance covering the whole duration of your stay in Albania.



Armela Totaj is the founder of Cherish Your Work, a business that brings holistic solutions covering the wide range of factors that working life threatens people's well-being.

Her MBA professional background in Human Resources & Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Multicultural Communication, Leadership, and Service Design enables her to have a thorough understanding of the complex dynamics between the individual and work, and between individuals at work. She offers her expertise to companies worldwide through practical training, employee experience design, and consulting. Armela brings design thinking methods and tools for sustainable human assets wellness and strongly believes that an individual inner power has tremendous potential that can be unfolded if we use the right approach. One of the holistic programs that she has designed is dedicated to entrepreneurs. This program includes a variety of workshops aiming to build entrepreneurial leadership & wellness, as the core drives to excel in the challenging work of entrepreneurship.

Armela is also a Certified Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher, accredited by International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation & CRKBO, and European Ayurveda Association. She is the designer of a very successful wellness tool for busy working people, named AT YOGA., which is an efficient blending of Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Mudra Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Ayurveda. 

Armela empathizes with women pursuing ambitious careers whose full potential is trapped from the work environment limitations, but sometimes also from their own mindsets and actions towards themselves. Through the retreats, she offers an opportunity of overcoming existing obstacles for every woman who believes that she is able to give more, wants to be a better version of herself, and lives joyfully.

Armela Totaj

Armela Totaj

Migena Gjerazi

Migena Gjerazi

Migena Gjerazi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Leadership Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute; Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation.

Migena conducts one on one, team and group coaching as well as delivers workshops in leadership and personal development to leaders and professionals worldwide. She is passionate about supporting people thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives.

“Being a woman, I am all flavors. Each day I am discovering and owning all parts of me. Working with women connecting with themselves, showing up fully in life and unfolding their femininity is one of my passions in life.” She has been a student of Tantra for Women and David Deida, a world renowned teacher and best-selling author on Tantra and Intimacy. 

Her professional background is in Finance, Administration and Human Resources (MBA).


Migena gave a session in Mindfulness for me and my colleagues at Maersk Drilling. By that Migena taught us to be more present and focused. She showed us several tools which we can definitely benefit from at work and in our daily lives. I would definitely recommend Migena.


HR Project Lead    Maersk Drilling    


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