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During these challenging times, our "Revive your company with Emotional Intelligence Experience" package is the perfect program to elevate the emotional wellness of your employees. There is no doubt that your employees' motivation and work quality has been dropped throughout this pandemic due to emotional distress. Building up Emotional Intelligence is at the core of uplifting their moral and shift into a productive mindset.  This workshop guides your employees through emotional self-awareness and self-assessment and regaining vitality at their work. 

Pricing based in a group of 5 participants.

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Price: 500 Eur *

This workshop, "Revive your company with Emotional Intelligence Experience", helps remote workers learn to unwind and discover personal and professional stressors impacting their emotional well-being and fulfillment at work. 


The emotional experience, as the bridge between the physical and the mental, it is where their experience of the workplace is synthesized and interpreted. It represents their feelings and relationship to all stakeholders and situations at work.  



The stress of reengineering our home to accommodate our kids being home-schooled or learning online has been challenging. Or what about bargaining with our animals who aren’t used to us invading “their space” during daytime hours. What do we do with them playing with a squeaky toy while we are in a critical client meeting?

The uncertainty we are all experiencing during this pandemic poses many new challenges for us. The increase in stress from the fast-changing climate requires us to have tools we may never have had to make good decisions. 

That’s why this package is critical for your employee’s emotional mental health and well-being. It will help them unpack why the pandemic is hard on them, and provide tips and tools for taking care of themselves and their family, and learn how to stay positive. 



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