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Our Leadership Development  Retreats are designed to identify the development opportunities of your leadership team while providing a learning platform remotely. While guiding each of them in their own path of obtaining Emotional Intelligence competencies of leadership, the virtual retreat is a way of bringing the whole leadership team closer together emotionally. Learning the value of emotional intelligence and not only mental intelligence is central to empathic and inspiring ways of leading people. Your leaders will gain a deeper understanding of the self and others in the workplace for supporting their teams thriving at work.

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Armela Totaj is the founder of Cherish Your Work, a business that brings holistic solutions covering the wide range of factors that working life threatens people's well-being.

Her MBA professional background in Human Resources & Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Multicultural Communication, Leadership, and Service Design enables her to have a thorough understanding of the complex dynamics between the individual and work, and between individuals at work. She offers her expertise to companies worldwide through practical training, employee experience design, and consulting. Armela brings design thinking methods and tools for sustainable human assets management and strongly believes that an individual inner power has tremendous potential that can be unfolded if we use the right approach. 

Armela is also a Certified Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher, accredited by International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation & CRKBO, and European Ayurveda Association. She integrates in her programs several wellness tools such as Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Mudra Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Ayurveda. 

Armela empathizes with people pursuing ambitious careers whose full potential is trapped from the work environment limitations, but sometimes also from their own mindsets and actions towards themselves. Through the retreats, she offers an opportunity of overcoming existing obstacles for every person who believes that is able to give more at work and live joyfully.

Armela Totaj

Armela Totaj


Migena Gjerazi

Migena Gjerazi

Migena Gjerazi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Leadership Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute; Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

by International Coach Federation.

Migena conducts one on one, team and group coaching as well as delivers workshops in leadership and personal development to leaders and professionals worldwide. She is passionate about supporting people to thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully, and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives.

 Her professional background is in Finance, Administration and Human Resources (MBA).

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*Pricing based on a group of 1-5 participants.

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