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Studies show that business Return On Equity increases by 53-84% when the company has 2

or more women on board. Sometimes it is difficult for your female executives to flourish, especially in a male dominant work environment. Your female executives need this retreat to enhance the embodiment of a balanced leadership style. Scroll down to learn more.

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Pricing based in a group of 5 participants.

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Women comprise over 50% of the world’s population and influence 85% of purchasing decisions.  It’s simply good business to include women in the innovation and design process. Furthermore, research from Catalyst found the following:

  • Companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams experienced better financial performance than companies with the lowest women’s representation.

  • This finding holds for both financial measures analyzed: Return on Equity (ROE), which is 35 percent higher, and Total Return to Shareholders (TRS), which is 34 percent higher.

  • In each of the five industries analyzed, the companies with the highest women’s representation on their top management teams experienced a higher ROE than the companies with the lowest women’s representation.

  • In four out of five industries, the companies with the highest women’s representation on their top management teams experienced a higher TRS than the companies with the lowest women’s representation.

Source: Catalyst - Workplaces That Work For Woman

Feminine and masculine leadership qualities can be developed and used by both genders, men and women, but women find it challenging to hold a healthy and successful balance in their leadership style in our corporate world. Feminine leadership traits include a host of characteristics such as caring, nurturing, empathy, long-term commitment, verbal expression of emotions, curiosity & inquiry, loyalty & belonging, community thinking, growth mindset, adaptability, intuition, etc. The problem is that we are immersed in a culture filled with images of masculine leadership which disrupts the good balance between feminine and masculine traits of leadership in the workplace. 

Our retreat "Balanced Leadership" guides your company`s female executives to overcome the barriers at the workplace that inhibits the development and embodiment of feminine traits along with the masculine traits. This retreat is the solution for your company to be more innovative, customer-oriented, visionary through balanced leadership where feminine and masculine leadership traits are inclusive and used in the most effective way according to situations at work.


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Many companies recognize and reward masculine leadership, but the contributions of feminine leadership often remain invisible. The unexplored potential of your company's prosperity is nested within your female workforce - they have high emotional intelligence potential. They use their skills in emotional expression, communication, innovation, and implementation to raise and diffuse any situation.  Our retreat will help your company to unleash the powerful resource of your female executives which will make your business stand out. 



By developing the Emotional Intelligence skill of Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation, your female executives will discover which personal traits they need to strengthen so they can own an empowering balanced leadership model. They will be guided in becoming aware and pinpointing the blockages of what holds them back at the workplace, and they will acquire tools to overcome these blockages. Exploring their inner resources of masculine & feminine energy will boost their self-confidence and bring that power to the company. During the retreat, they will learn how to build a reliable bridge between opposite poles of leadership spectrum, feminine and masculine. They will develop strong empathetic abilities to keep them connected and accountable to their customers and colleagues. Clarity about how others impact them and they can impact others, will enable them to improve relationships at work. 

Scroll down to discover the four pillars of our retreat, and what to expect from each.


  • Become aware and clear on what holds your female executives back to succeed in a male-dominated workplace.

  •  Recognize the triggers of feeling stuck, and be able to redesign the mindset to unlock and progress.

  • Understand what can be accomplished by using each of leadership energies, masculine & feminine, and consciously choose what serves best in reaching work goals.  

  • Create a corporate environment where balanced leadership is encouraged and celebrated.

  • Strengthen resilience so it is easier to keep a solid focus at work despite obstacles and distractions. 

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