No matter what company goals are, there might be barriers at the individual level to achieving them. Planning solutions to potential hurdles are essential to succeed, and that’s something this retreat can help your leading team with. They will learn to predict and understand the barriers that are likely to stand in their way. Then, they will develop the problem-solving skills needed to ensure they don’t disrupt their progress. This retreat will also give your leading team the strategies to get back on track as quickly as possible after slip-ups.

Price: 1990 Eur *

Pricing based in a group of  1-5 participants.

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Successful leadership relies on responding instead of reacting towards situations occurring in the workplace. This means having the emotional intelligence skills for changing negative narratives and beliefs about Self and others, eliminating harmful self-talk, and establishing positive mental habits. Successfully noticing, understanding, and empowering oneself to do those changes in order to thrive at work with the fullest potential, it’s something this training will help your leading team with.

Our retreat "Leader at All Levels", is designed as a journey that takes your leading team through three stages, which consist of guiding them to observe & detach, shift their mindsets, improve their relationships with self, others, and work.


Stang-up Meeting

Everyone in the workplace is experiencing moments of holding back, feeling stuck, struggling with demotivation and decreased self-confidence, fearing change, and much more blockers that inhibit performance and fulfillment at work. The triggers are found in the complex interaction of individual obstacles and work environment pitfalls. Your leading team will benefit from developing the needed skills to identify, distinguish, and take proper actions to move forward in a sustainable way. 






This retreat is a transformational journey designed three stages: observation, connection, transformation. 

We all have various inner "voices" that attempt to keep us safe, in control, and maintain the status quo. Although they appear to be working on our behalf, they are often the very "gremlins" that keep us small and stuck in old patterns in our life. At first, your leading team will be guided in increasing the awareness towards Self and investigate the obstacles existing within. They will learn the techniques to identify and cope with these saboteurs appearing in work situations and limiting them to perform at their best. In the end, they will learn how to design a sustainable vision and action plan to craft a powerful leader within at all levels. 


Scroll down to discover the four pillars of our retreat, and what to expect from each.


  • Noticing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to build healthy and collaborative relationships at work. 

  • Having a helicopter view of situations for better decision-making. 

  • Taking the time and space to be present and responsive while interacting with stakeholders.

  • Finding out your core values to better align personal values with the company vision and culture.

  • Developing an internal support system to create the resources and receive the support needed to succeed at work.

  • Create clear definition of success to use it as a guiding compass for work achievements. 

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If everyone at the company acts from a place of being responsible, authentic, and well-aligned with the company values will lead to a healthy and harmonious work environment. Our retreat helps your executives to develop self-leadership and be transformed into a powerful asset for company success.