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Since March 2020, working life has changed and everyone is experiencing new challenges. The consequences of their distress have shown a negative impact on many business outcomes, such as low sales turnover, poor customer services, and ineffective decision making. Your executives need this retreat to tune in and refind their inner balance in order to thrive at work. Scroll down to learn more.

Price: 1990 Eur *

Pricing based on a group of 1-5 participants.

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Dealing with stress is no easy task for the body-mind-emotions-spirit. The increasing pressure to perform many roles in life while excelling at work, along with an increasingly toxic environment takes the body-mind-emotions-spirit beyond its edges, overloading until it gets inefficient and even ill. There is a finite amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy available on a daily basis, and a busy hectic way of life often means there is not much of any of them to spare. So imagine the energy your leading team would save from not having to battle with themselves, of having no inner turmoil to deal with on a daily basis. It would be amazing wouldn’t it? 

Your company's human assets have an Emotional Self, Mental Self, Spiritual Self, and Physical Self. To unlock their potential and have them performing by being efficient and innovative, they need to have Complete Self-Integration. This self-integration brings Inner-Balance that unfolds in their workplace as excellent performance. All four aspects are essential for a complete human experience. To deny or emphasize one over another creates an imbalance within the individual and can result in discomfort for all involved in the workplace.


Our retreat "Inner Excellence" helps your executives develop emotional intelligence skills to master their inner-self to consciously maintain their peak performance at work. This retreat provides practical tools to reach what is required for all four aspects of Self to be recognized, satisfied, and respected according to individual differences. 





Your business continuity relies on your employees` inner power to perform constantly.  Once in a while,  your leading team needs a break and needs to recharge and realign with what matters to them. During our retreat, they will step into a deep inner work while connecting more with others in their team.  Together, they will build up emotional intelligence skills, such as self-assessment, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, and positive thinking. Team building and collaboration will be fostered while they together take the same path of discovering their own inner equation of balancing the four pillars of self-power:  body-mind-emotions-spirit.



Inner balance can be a mystery to many of us and we think it is beyond our reach especially in challenging times. Yet, we all need it to be healthy, joyful and stay productive in our jobs. When we are in a state of inner balance, our heart and brain are said to be synchronized, level; no hyper or de-pressed physical, emotional, or mental sensations. Inner balance feels great when we have it, but it takes work and maintenance. 


In this retreat, you will learn how to sense instantly when your inner balance has started to leak away. It provides practical methods and tools for finding inner balance, keeping it, and strengthening it. During the workshop, you will complete several actions and exercises that will make you feel grounded, less vulnerable, more positive, reassured, uplifted, and upskilled with invigorating qualities to thrive at work.

Scroll down to discover the four pillars of our retreat, and what to expect from each.


  • Listening and connecting with your physical body to master it as a powerful source of wisdom.

  • Developing emotional awareness to provide better responses when difficult situations occur at work.

  • Becoming more aware of your emotions helps you to understand others' emotions and provide an empathetic approach towards co-workers and customers.

  • Training your mind to focus in the right direction and envision positive outcomes to maintain your willpower. 

  • Embracing self-compassion is the best way to find passion at your work and unleash your creativity.


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There are consequences to whatever we do or don’t

to keep our inner balance. Certain times in our lives are more challenging than others. Help your leading team to rewind and restore with our one-day virtual retreat "Inner Excellence"

to keep your company excelling.